GOOD NEWS: Bonus system has been restarted! 


POOL.BURSTCOIN.SK and WEB    since 2016

We are entering a whole new era

C++ and Java APP, running under FreeBSD LINUX with Jails security and Maria DB.

protected by: CISCO and Cloudflare 

Security is our priority!

Wallet 129, Web, Pool Nija, your invested money and our reputation


Our benefits are

Fair play payment system and trust.

Money is immediately distributed from POOL ACCOUNT to MINERS WALLETS – after 4 rounds are done
The pool does not leave any Mined Burst and the team is not at risk of being abused.

Ninja Code in May, 2017 – this code is 10 times faster and more stable,

just LINUX OS.

Fair play Automated Bonus System from Historic Shares


BURSTCOIN SK TEAM celebrating 12 months with BURST COIN.

since 2016

When does the miner cashout?
Our pool is set to 150 bursts minimum or 2 times every 24 hrs ( ~180 blocks ).
If the pool finds WIN BLOCK – it automatically does it.
C++ and Java APP, running under FreeBSD LINUX with Jails security.

Our maximum deadline is 1000000 seconds, submissions with deadlines higher than this will be discarded with error codes 1007 or 1008.

You might be able to set your miner to explicitly skip nonces with deadlines above this threshold.
Some miners automatically make use of the targetDeadline field when communicating with the pool.

Miners should submit nonces to port 8080.

This costs 1 BURST and you need to wait 4 blocks before it takes effect.

Your miner color is (currently) determined by your numeric account ID.

When the pool wins a block, 0.5% is deducted from the block reward for pool usage fees.

Of the remaining reward, 60% is shared over miners who submitted nonces for the current block.
The other 40% is shared over miners who submitted nonces for the previous 100 blocks.
For the current block, a miner’s share of the (60%) reward is inversely proportional to (deadline + 1)1.2

Miner payouts are calculated after a minimum of 4 blocks after the pool wins that block.

Config for Blago Miner 

“Mode” : “pool”,
“Server” : “”,
“Port” : 8080,

“InfoAddr” : “”,
“InfoPort”: 8125,
“UpdaterAddr” : “”,
“UpdaterPort” :8125,
“EnableProxy” : false,
“ProxyPort” : 8126,
“TargetDeadline”: 1000000,
“CacheSize” : 40000,
“ShowWinner” : true,
“UseBoost” : true,
“ShowMsg” : false,
“ShowUpdates” : false,
“Debug”: false,
“UseHDDWakeUp”: false,
“ShowWinner” : true,
“UseBoost” : true,
“SendBestOnly”: true,
“UseFastRcv” : true,
“SendInterval”: 100,
“UpdateInterval”: 950,
“UseLog” : false,
[   “D:\\plots”  ],
“WinSizeX” : 80,
“WinSizeY” : 1000

Now more and more stable and secure from DDoS, IPS and IDPS by CISCO security together with CloudFlare.