Is there a faster way of getting the blockchain downloaded

For Local Wallet is recommanded download DB.

Burst Blockchain DDL – Updated Regular (Zipped ~1.6GB) / it was updated last 24 hours

Donwload Link:

If you have the file downloaded, then you just need to extract it to the right folder. Windows client users have to look up the hidden folder AppData -> Roaming -> BurstWallet -> burst_db and extract the files there or where is Your wallet.


One thought on “Local Wallet

  1. You have problem with start Your Local Wallet or some thing is wrong ?
    Delete all two DB, then dowload new zipped DB, unpack this ro folder and start again Your Local Wallet.
    Please wait 10 min. for sync with network.
    You must have installed new JAVA 64 bit.
    To be careful with correct shutdown Your Local Wallet – JAVA APP, because sometime DB will be damaged. And all processes You must do again.
    Link for download JAVA and DB:

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