First you need an account

Before you can start creating plots and mining with them, you need to get a unique account. Your account is also your wallet, and creating your account needs to be done before you plot, as you will make plots that are based upon your account number.

You have two options: Use your own wallet (download and run on your own computer; complicated way, but more secure) or use shared web wallet (simple way to create your account; hosted on development home page).

Our Online Secured Wallet:

Most powerful and Secured.

Not in CLOUD,  it is ON PREMISE WALLET, working at our IT INFRASTRUCTURE with Zabbix monitoring.

Protected by HTTPS protocol , CISCO and CLOUDFLARE ( IPS, IDPS, DDoS Attack, packet inspection )

Secure version 129  


1.3.6cg  – we do not recommend

1.3.6cg NRS Version – New Beta

still on test.  We see some issues and investigate why our pool froye on Thursday.

May be Back Door, Attack etc…

The problem was fixed with Wallet and Back pool to NXT – NRS 129 behind Firewall.

We apologize for that.

Local Wallet for Windows All-In-One with mining software etc…


Download directly from our page with instructions :

Wallet for Android:

You can also use your smartphone or tablet as a wallet for your burstcoins.

Nice and easy tutorial video: